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Background image not calibrating on all pages

I've added a background image of an ornate frame to give the effect of a page border. On the home, about and contact pages it fits on the screen with the web page inside. On the other pages the border goes off screen. I've tried to make it narrower but then it clips text and images on the pages where it did fit.
Has anyone got any tips on how to make the image fit each page. I'm using Site Builder.

Re: Background image not calibrating on all pages

What type of device are you using (PC, tablet, phone) and what browser?

I have looked in Firefox, Chrome and IE on my Windows laptop and I can't replicate the problem that you describe.

The code generated by Sitebuilder is too complicated to try and debug at this time of night (UK) but the frame doesn't seem to sit well with the responsive design of the page. I would be tempted just to loose it. Assuming that you used a Sitebuilder function to add the frame the alternative is to raise a support ticket.

Re: Background image not calibrating on all pages

Hi Peter. Thanks for responding.
I'm using site builder in Chrome on a desktop. I've had another look and the frame sits right when it's set to scroll with the browser but it looks messy behind text and images. If it is set to not scroll it goes wide and off page .