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bravenet account, music missing

I do have a paid Bravenet acct...I pay every year. I was just told that I do not. Before I realized this, my initial purpose of contacting Bravenet was to ask why the music does not play on my site. Besides hearing music upon entering pages, my entire site consists of various songs my viewers can listen to if they wish.

I would appreciate it if someone with answers to my problems will contact me.
Thank you,

Re: bravenet account, music missing

You gave your URL as http://My Music Attic
An obvious conclusion might be that your musical links are just as nonsensical.
If you want a better answer, you will need to post a real URL.

Re: bravenet account, music missing

My mistake...please excuse. I should have typed

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Re: bravenet account, music missing

Well I have just looked at your site and I can't see any code to automatically play music on the home page.

I tested one of the midi links and that was fine, if that is where you are having problems then it may be down to the security settings on your own PC or an issue with the sound chip. (I am assuming that you have checked for the really obvious things like turning your speakers off)

I don't see where Bravenet comes into this, the site that you quoted is hosted elsewhere and Bravenet has never in my memory provided a music hosting service.