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I have transferred domain but site not live

I am rather worried that my site is still not showing up. I have transferred my domain and got the "not configured" warning at first. And now my 404 error (which I set up) is still showing up when I search for my domain 24 hours later. As far as I can see in my account the transfer seemed successful and I made the transferred domain my primary domain. (I built the site first in the background on bravenet so there would be a new site - and then started the domain transfer and then made my domain the primary).

I can edit the site under the transferred domain name, but it is not showing up in search.
It is a disaster for my site to not be up!!

Can somebody please advise if there is something I still have to do. I have not had any joy from support who only told me that my site does show in my domain info. My problem is that I don't know if the site I built is properly linked to the domain I transferred and what else I should do.
Puhlees help!!


Re: I have transferred domain but site not live

It is always an issue as the lag in ISPs updating their DNS records can make it appear that there are problems when there are not or can mask real problems.

From your link I see a a site. There are messages that the site is "coming soon" but these are on-page text not a 404.

As for not showing up in search that isn't in Bravenet's gift. Google and Bing will update their indexes when they feel like which may take hours, days or weeks.

Re: I have transferred domain but site not live

Thanks. I saw that it finally came up when I typed the site in google. I was convinced I had slipped up somewhere when it took so long.