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Website size limitations

Hi, and good morning!
I am in the process of building my fifth and largest website - at least on Bravehost - (URL above) and I seem to have come up against a few problems.
The most important one seems to a restriction in the number of separate files
i can introduce and the number of editing additions/changes I can make. I have introduced a significant number of photos with a proposed 4 separate "chapter" files 2 of which are already on line with the third in work and all linked sequentially to the "index.html" introduction. Altogether there are now just over 80 separate files, virtually all of them photos, all of them linked to one of the two completed files and in attempting to:
A). edit an existing text - change, add or delete - I find the action is not being saved.
B). to create the third sub-file for Chapter Three the new file page is not responding to the cursor or the key-board, is inactive and I cannot proceed.
C). There is a note at the bottom of the edit page suggesting that the "Wizard" may be interferring and needs to be deactivated; I have not used the "Wizard", nor is there any indication as to how to de-activate it.
Any comments/answers/suggestions/definitive information?

thanks for any help offered.

Re: Website size limitations

By the sounds of it, your best bet would be to create a dedicated support ticket for this issue and provide as much details as you can as to the exact steps taken to arrive at the issue, and one of our techs will be happy to help. :)

Support tickets are created from within your Bravenet user account, from the Support tab up top.