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I am the webmaster for our club. I maintain our Email address book. I am able to send GROUP mags to all 52 members of our Club.
Is there a a way for a few others (Pres, V/P) to also send out GROUP msgs (as we could on our former GOOGLE group page?)

Re: Email

Not without giving everybody access to the password which would let any user change the password and lock everybody else out. I know that sounds unlikely but it has been an issue on other club accounts where a disagreement has resulted in somebody walking out in a huff.

In any event at 50 recipients you are at the point where either you need to use specialist service like Google or Yahoo Groups (Bravenet simply isn't in that niche), a mailing service like Bravenet's (the mailing list web tool is independent of your Bravenet email account but is also designed for a single user) or use an email client and SMTP. With the latter one person could maintain and distribute the master mailing list.

Re: Email

That's what I thought Peter..Thanks for the input