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account manager says no websites in site builder

i've just logged on today to update my website and the account manager says i have no websites in the site builder. my website seems to have vanished. any ideas where it has gone ?

Re: account manager says no websites in site builder

Well that domain name doesn't exist at all. It doesn't look as if it has ever been registered.

Assuming a typo on your part, there seem to have been similar glitches at Bravenet in the past. You would need to raise a support ticket.

Re: account manager says no websites in site builder

One possibility is this:

If you logged on/loaded the page at the exact moment when our developers are installing an update to the Site Builder service, it will seem as if your Site Builder website is nonexistent. This is because, due to the infrastructure of that system, when updates are installed the Site Builder has to be disconnected.

Update installations only take a few seconds to a few minutes at any given time, but generally they are on the shorter end.

When the update is done, everything communicates without issue once again, and if you refresh the page a few seconds later you will be able to see the site and access it once again.