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my name is Rodalyn I am the owner of Uclickfashion company and I believe that my web developer who is based in Philippines have contacted you already through email. The business is based here in San Diego it's just that I hired a developer and an administrative assistant from Philippines, is that allowed? I understand that the Philippines is banned from your company but is it gonna affect my business if I wanted to keep my staff who are in Philippines. I have questions regarding your hosting plan, I wanted to know if you guys accept SSL certificate from the third party, we have purchased it already and we just have link it to our website once we purchased the hosting with you guys, another question is are we required to buy a domain from you? We alredy have a domain name from other company as well and we only need an IP address from you to set it up and be able to launch our website after the purchased. Is that gonna work?
We are currently using free trial and we are now ready to upgrade into Pro (3 months plan which is $33) we wanted to put a shopping cart on top of the website for our future customers to be able to order from us? Do you have that feature?

Last question is aside PayPal what other payment option that we can offer to out customer for check out method?

Thats all for now, looking forward to hearing from you.

Uclickfashion Manager
Rodalyn Torquato

Re: Hosting

Wonder if Joel wrote that seems similar