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I have tried over and over to upload a favicon. But I get a error message. It is a real favicon. Any ideas?

Re: Favicon

Without knowing what error message you are getting it is impossible to say if there is a problem or if you are just doing something wrong. The instructions for favicons in Bravesites are copied below:


Advanced Website Settings

1 Where to Find
2 Favicon
3 Head Tag
4 Site-wide SEO
5 Meta Tags
6 Robots.txt
7 Sitemap
7.1 See Also:

Where to Find

This area can be found under 'Side-wide Settings' in the "Manage Website" section of the Toolbar.

A Favicon is the small picture that appears to the left of your websites address in your web browser. You can select from a list of preset icons by clicking on "Select Icon", or upload one of your own (file must be a 16x16 pixel .ico file to upload). If you don't have an icon editor, you may upload a standard graphic file to a generator, such as

Re: Favicon

I know what a favicon is and how to upload one. The message given is (error uploading file) The size is correct. I have tried different browsers.

Re: Favicon

Raise a ticket.

Re: Favicon

You can not make a ticket using a free site.