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how i can change main page?

Dear wapmasters and owners , please tell me how i can change my site (main page) . If i am visiting my site URL then shown (Select a theme) every time , how i can remove it and make to my own CSS my own Codes , Like my site Logo , Login/register , top members photos , online members (0) , and others in my site (main page) ? Please tell me step by step ,

Re: how i can change main page?

You don't change your site by going to the URL, that is for visitors.

Go to and log in to your account and then follow the links.

I can't give you step by step instructions as you haven't told us if you are using Bravesites or Bravehost and the procedures are different for these two products.

Re: how i can change main page?

It sounds like some of the features you want require custom coding, which you will have to look into creating yourself, or having someone else create/provide for you.