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How to install Wordpress

Can someone please point me to a working link on how to install Wordpress? The link I found from 2010 is no longer available. I know Courtney had one at one time that showed detailed pictures and instructions. I can't believe it's so difficult to find, even through the search bar.
Thanks, Liz

Re: How to install Wordpress

You can only do this with a paid account so your best bet is to raise a support ticket.

Re: How to install Wordpress

If I switch from Wix back to wordpress do you think I would be penalized in my ranking at all or is that all domain related other than strong content?

Re: How to install Wordpress

You may not notice a change right away, however, it is possible that the rankings will change over time as a result of the content on your website changing. As Google and other search engines index your site's new content again, they will re-evaluate your ranking.

However, you probably shouldn't see (much) of a hit, as long as the redesign continues to contain relevant content and receive decent traffic.