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Favicon not uploading

I keep trying to upload an .ico file to use as my favicon, but the upload keeps failing and I'm not sure why. The .ico is 16 x 16.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Re: Favicon not uploading

When I follow the link to your site a skull favicon is displayed. Have you resolved the problem or are you trying to replace the existing favicon?

Re: Favicon not uploading

Thanks for responding!

I'm trying to replace the existing favicon. That skull was one of the stock selections so I chose it in the interim.

Re: Favicon not uploading

My Favicon still won't load.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Re: Favicon not uploading

Just tried it again, and got a "error uploading file" message.

It's definitely a 16 x 16 .ico. It's 1.12 KB.

Anyone have any ideas on this? Is the file too big, or is uploading a custom favicon only part of the Pro plans?