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about site

hello,i have renewed the website 5 days before and i have rebuilt the site 3 days before but up to now the website is underconstruction i cant use it???could you tell me why?also i wanted to put the store ECWID URL but i cant also they told me i cant point it it's mean ecwid cant point it could you solve this problem.thanks

Re: about site

Have you loaded Index htm and removed index html

I think thats what you need but its a long time since I set a site up

Re: about site

hello,thanks for your reply but i did not understand wby my website still under construction it's ..even ecwid they told me that i must ask bravenet for the URL domain because ecwid can't point it...i really want that my website will be good but always disappointed about tbe bravenet website builder

Re: about site

Once you have built your web site then you must point the index.htm (your main page)
Your site at present probably still has Index.html (created by Bravenet) as you main page.
I'm not techie but thats what I used to have to do.

Someone else (like Peter) could probably explain better.
It is not Bravenets fault

Re: about site

This Website is Under Construction
The webmaster has not yet uploaded any files to this site.

You have not loaded an Index page

Re: about site

When you register for hosting Bravenet creates a holding page called index.html which contains the Under Construction message.

Now the way that the web works is that when somebody just enters your domain name the server works down a list of default page names until it finds one that is there. Top of the list is index.html and second is index.htm

If you have called your home page index.htm and haven't deleted index.html then the Under Construction message will always be displayed.

I am assuming that despite being in the Sitebuilder forum this is actually a Bravehost question as Bravesites works in a totally different way.


hello,thanks so much for your reply,help and my website is good.but there is an other thing that i want to Change the URL of ecwid and use it my own domain ,when i put my domian always told me that(Your subdomain ( does not point to '', therefore we cannot save it.
•If you have not pointed it to '', please do so and then try to save your subdomain again.
•If you have already changed the CNAME, the change might have not been propagated yet. Usually it takes about 24 hours, so just wait for a few hours and then try again.)
i contacted them and told me i must ask the bravenet plz could you help me and show me how it works