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Pausing the site

Is there an easy way to 'pause' the site and take it offline? I know that you can restrict individual pages from being published, but is there a way just to click and pause the whole site?

Re: Pausing the site

Yes there is I have done it before but I don't have an account now to tell you how.

Hopefully Peter will see this and explain.

But I'm sure if you sign into your account you should be able to find it.

Re: Pausing the site

No idea, I have never tried and have better things to do today than to search the Wiki or experiment with my test site.

Re: Pausing the site

Nice to be busy Peter

Somerwhere I'm sure it says Disable Site (that does not mean Delete) you can then enable it later.

Re: Pausing the site

Why not just connect to your site using FTP and rename the index file to something like index1, when you are ready to restore your site just rename it back to index