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how can i use a domain name i already have for the site builder? i don't want .bravesite after my domain name.

Can the sites i build be viewed as a mobile site?

can i build unlimited sites?

Re: domains

Do you have a free or paid account?

Re: domains

It appears as though you are currently using a free Bravenet account. Currently, the only way to associate a domain name with a free Bravesites website is to register our Bravenet Pro package.

For information on Bravenet Pro, please visit this page:

Re: domains

Hello bravenet! I am new here and I'd like to hostour website here which the domain is already registered in other server. I'd like to know everything about designing and hosting our online store here with you but I am looking for the plans you are offering for hosting. I already designing our site here with you in your easy site builder and I really love it but the problem is I could not upgrade it for pro to be able to add some more pages and put additional features. By the way, how can I put a cart shopping? Is it possible to place it on the top of our online shopping site when we are already upgraded to pro? Please give me your cheapest quotation on the monthly basis for hosting? I am my boss' web developer and she is base in San Diego, California. Can I have your telephone support so that my boss can call you to inquire everything we want to know? Thank you!