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Re: website not loading to domain name

strange as both urls should resolve to the same page. Using IE here, wonder if its a browser issue, that's what I should see to set up wordpress but its just not appearing for me here

Re: website not loading to domain name

registered hosting and a domain name today with Bravenet, uploaded wordpress to the website, but all I see is a 404 error. I manage a few websites and haven't had this issue before, and I've no idea why its happening. all the files are uploaded and the wordpress installation should just start

any suggestions anyone?

so now I have wordpress set up on the back end, tried both Google Chrome and IE, cleared the cache, but I'm still seeing Bravenets 'page under construction' and yes the wordpress site has been published. Maybe its just me that's missing something simple, but I'm just not getting why I cant see the website online