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Moving my site to Bravenet

Hi all,
I am new so please be gentle
I have an existing site at
selling ink cartridges and wish to move it to Bravenet. 
It is not really large but has two mysql databases associated with it.  One for the site products and
one for the blog

Is it possible as my current host is a CPanel environment?

Re: Moving my site to Bravenet

There are two distinct hosting services at Bravenet.

You seem to be interested in the Bravesites product, this does not include FTP support so you will not be able to "lift and drop" your site to this location.

The Bravehost product is just normal webhosting but does not have a free option. Just use FTP in the normal way.

Before paying for anything check that Bravenet supports the programming language that you are using.