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How about when Bravenet is going to do work to their things they put a Warning message on Peoples account saying when and for how long.

I have just spent the morning working changing URL's, uploading files etc only to find the last page I did hasn't saved. Now I have to do it all again!! NOT HAPPY.

Nothing......absolutely NOTHING anywhere except when I come hunting in here that there will be work being done.
I try and open a ticket (before coming here) and it says because I have a free website I can't send a ticket and telling me to upgrade..........well EXCUSE ME.......I DO pay every bloody year for years now..........your happy to take my money but you don't care about providing a service. Get real!!!

So in future how about thinking about the people that pay and put something on our account pages that the sites will be down BEFORE just shutting things off.

Its the middle of the day here and one would expect to be able to 'manage' their pages/sites especially when they pay for them. Even my emails aren't working.
Not impressed at all.

Re: Downtime

I DO pay every bloody year for years

Do you have Pro hosting or do you just pay to register a domain name? If you have Pro hosting you should be able to raise a ticket but must log in to the correct Bravenet account, a lot of people end up with two or even more.

Down time does happen, one of my sites was down at midnight for the same reason, however it was no big issue because I use a hosting service in the same time zone as myself and my customers. Using a service provider on the other side of the world has serious disadvantages.

Re: Downtime

I have my domain and hosting that I pay for.