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After creating my website.....?

So, I have created my website using the free bravesites package. I then upgraded to the starter package. Now, as I already have a domain name I want to use the site I have created when I am ready to transfer the domain name. I have not yet upgraded to the FTP hosting, but will do. My question is ... can I use the site I have spent ages creating or will I have to start from scratch again? Thanks

Re: After creating my website.....?

Hi Maggie,

You do not need to upgrade to FTP Hosting to use your domain name with Bravesites. You can add domain to Bravesites at any time and keep your site the same.


Re: After creating my website.....?

I may be wrong but I know for myself when I upgraded I started over :(

Re: After creating my website.....?

Actually it all worked out. I did not have to create a new one. I was able to redirect the site to my domain.