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Blog/Content box overflow problem.

I have been editing the code on a preset theme (both CSS and the html), but I am having a problem with content boxes - eg. the blog and text box overflowing so that you can't read all of the text. I have looked in the css code for the tag which controls the width of content boxes, but can't find it (or figure out what they are called). Short of changing the width of the navigation, header, footer and main content css tags, is there a way that I can correct this problem? It's taken me literally all day to sort it out to getting it looking almost as I want it and it would be a shame not to solve this particular problem. Thanks in advance.

I've included a link to the bravesite and a screen shot so you can see what the problem is.

Re: Blog/Content box overflow problem.

Hi Emimar,

I can not see the problem on your site. Were you able to resolve this?


Re: Blog/Content box overflow problem.

Yes I was, thanks.