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Member profiles and forums

Just a quick question. I want my site to be totally interactive for my members. Will the members be able to create a profile page JUST for my website THROUGH my website? Also.. do all the forums look the same? I saw a few on a couple other websites and they looked really clutter with no categorization.

Re: Member profiles and forums

That goes far beyond what is provided in a web hosting package. It would be down to you to code it yourself or buy and upload suitable software. Bravehost would probably be a more suitable hosting option.

The best way to see what you can do with a Bravenet forums is to register and have a play. There is no charge and no obligation in creating an account and a free forum can then be created for practice.

Re: Member profiles and forums

Thank you for the input. I know there are a couple web hosting packages that allow it, but Bravenet caught my eye as being a bit more secure and the like, with more features. The website I have in mind, I would prefer to have hosted to see how it goes over before dedicating the time, effort, and resources required to script it out myself and register it in the case that it just sits on the interwebs collecting pixel dust. I think I'll shimmy on over to Bravehost and give it a shot. =3