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change font in mail forms

I'm trying to use a simple "contact" form from Bravenet. On the editable sample form, there is a sans-serif font, but when I paste the code into my page, it becomes Times instead. There is NO tag in the Bravenet code! Where and how can I get the Bravenet forms codes to be in Verdana? or other sans-serif font? I never use Times, and it looks really stupid on a page of (whole website of) verdana type!

Re: change font in mail forms

You can add whatever styling you want to the form's html. Setting up a form does require a reasonably detailed understanding of html and css.

The form that I use on my site starts with a div tag as follows:

div style="padding:10px; font: normal 12px Arial; text-align:left;color:black;"

I would guess that in the absence of any explicit styling your form is reverting to your browser's default font.

Re: change font in mail forms

Hi Victoria,

Font tags are really not used anymore. You should set your font in your CSS file. This would ensure that you entire website will use the same font. However, you could add a font tag if you so choose.

I apologize, I really can not help you more without a link to the page you are referring to.