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Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

I am a free bravenet member..was transferred over to Bravesites have been able to locate the web apps and the photos that I had uploaded..but I can't find the storage which it shows I have on the account page..does anyone know how I can get to it ? Where is the file manager..My website is not highlighted so I can click on it..but it is published..

Thanks so much for any help

Chris Ward

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

Log on.
Click where it says Sites: 1
Click Edit Site
Hold the cursor over Site Content
and select Manage Photos and Media

But don't expect the kind of File Manager you had at Bravehost. What you can do is extremely limited.

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

Thanks so much for the time that you took to upload a screen shot..
I went to the website and clicked on manage photos and media files
it shows 0 in the files..but on the my account page it shows storage
of the media files and a place were I can see the photos were uploaded
and they were I can get to the photos ok..just not to the media files..
any more suggestions ? as this is a free account I can not contact support
thanks again for any further assistance..

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

Account page? Do you mean the page you enter the Site Builder from? Do you upload where it says "Account Images & Stock Photos"? If there is a way to use those images in Site Builder I don't know it. (But then, I know almost nothing about Site Builder). Try uploading to the site instead.

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

Unfortunately the Account Images area is not connected to the BraveSites Site Builder. If you would like to use images that you have uploaded in that area, you will need to upload them again in the Site Builder.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

There appears to be some confusion as we are not on the same page here..
I have access to the photos I uploaded before the change on Bravenet took
place that shows on my account page on the right side..indicates the photos
I have stored and what storage I have left..when I go to it the photos are there..

The problem is that I can't find the music files that were on the bravehost
account that I had..Why were they not transferred over like the photos were
or if they were transferred over I can't find them..

Thanks so much everyone for your help..

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

There appears to be some confusion, yes.

The account images were not transferred in any way. You were able to use them on your site with whatever editor you were using. But they were always separate from your Bravehost site.

The music files that were on your actually on your site have not been transferred anywhere and weren't supposed to be. You will need to upload these again. If you have lost the originals, you may still be able to get them by doing the following if you hurry before they are deleted:

Create a link to the file. (Anywhere - in a file on your computer) You will need to remember the exact name and address. Rightclick the link, select Save Target As. Download file.

If you don't remember the exact name and address, sign on for a minimum period of ftp hosting to get access, or just forget about those files.

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

I am also cannot see the popdown menu tool bar when i login.
I just have a site, because of the Title has a wrong Alphabet want to modity,
but i can't find the edit function, so i'm so frustrated.

Re: Help ! Can't Find File Manager in Bravesites

I find it hard figuring out what you mean. Perhaps especially because there must be some sane reason why you tagged this question onto a months old discussion, and I cannot really see the connection.

But there is a "Hide editor" button on the menu bar. If you click it, there should still be a Show editor button left. If not, perhaps your browser isn't compatible with Site Builder. Try another.

Or explain. You don't seem to have a title on your page.