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insert pdf files??

I can't for the life of me figure out how to insert my pdf from the file manager into my Home page. When I select the pdf in the file manager, it highlights it with a red box but the insert image icon goes gray instead of green, so I can't put it into the page. I've tried putting the pdf into an image icon and into the regular edit text area on the page. No luck! Help!

Re: insert pdf files??

Your web site does not show

Re: insert pdf files??

Yes, sorry, the websites is not published yet bc I am still working on it...I can't get these **** pdfs to get onto my pages.

Re: insert pdf files??

Well, you can forget about getting pdfs onto your pages. Here or anywhere else. And that seems to be what you are doing if you are using the image icon. Pdfs are not images.

What you should try is to insert a link to the pdf on your page, so that people can download it.

Mind you, I haven't been able to do that on a test page myself, but then I don't really use the Site Builder, so it may be just down to my being clumsy.