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Transfer of bravesites site to new domain bravehost

I have as of today secured the damain name and upgraded too. on bravehost

My free site(7 pages worth with files)is sitting on bravesites!

What is the most efficent(KISS)method of transfering the above over to the new domain on bravehost

I was about to choose the same templete for as the free site...AND STOPED!!!!!!
Old greek philosopher dude poped in my head; "If, you are precieved to be a fool, never open your mouth and take all doubt away"! NOW, i was not engaging mouth...but the brain sends the words to the point gather all the facts before engaging???

So, tell me oh great wizard of the forum!!?!?? How to proceed. Now, take it easy on me. I'm an old retired Marine, Officer! We're use to killing and breaking things! Hence in holding pattern!

Re: Transfer of bravesites site to new domain bravehost

HI James,

You can use your domain on Bravesites and leave your the site the way it is.

If you wish to build a website on Bravehost you will have to start again and Bravehost does not offer an easy to use builder. You would need to code HTML or use a third party program on your computer and then upload to your website to Bravehost.

If you wish to continue using Bravesites we can apply your Bravehost credit to your Bravesite giving you access to more pages, more websites and the pro features. You will need to open a support ticket to change this over.