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Brave Apps Photo album

Can't seem to get my photo album into my HTML editor to stay in. When i save it the album does not show on the page. I go back to check the HTML code and only code left is:
Bravenet Embedded Service Code

Done this many times on bravehost
now on bravesities...they not compatable or what???


Re: Brave Apps Photo album

To add the Braveapps photo album to your Bravesites page use the "JavaScript or HTML Code" block rather then the "Text or Content Block".

The JavaScript or HTML Code" block is the last one under the "Content" section.

Hope this helps,

Re: Brave Apps Photo album

Thanks for the reply!

I have done that multiple times using the "HTML" button and then CCP the code. It will not stay!

Re: Brave Apps Photo album

You are using the "Text or Content Block". You need to use the "JavaScript or HTML Code" block.

I know there is a HTML button in the "Text or Content Block" option but the photo album uses JavaScript.

- Click, "Add Block to Page" in the top right.
- Select "JavaScript or HTML Code" block (last one under content)
- Select where you want it to go
- Paste in code
- Click create component

Sorry for the confusion.


Re: Brave Apps Photo album

OK, that figures you can get the photo album app.....JUST CAN'T DISPLAY IT....without PRO.

Re: Brave Apps Photo album

Hi James,

I am really sorry I didn't notice you were using our free version of Bravesites.

I did notice you only have a very few number of photos in your Braveapps photo album.

I suggest using the photo album features built into Bravesites. They offer more features then the Braveapps photo album and will integrate into your website much nicer anyway.

Use the "Image Gallery" option after clicking "Add Block to Page" - you will need to re-upload your couple images that you used in the photo album service.


Re: Brave Apps Photo album

Ok, thanks!

As long as i have your attention!
Question, going togo to PRO FTP and a domain name soon...can i change all this i've built on the free side already to the new domain name...or have to redirect to new domain?? Thanks

Re: Brave Apps Photo album

Bravesites is totally separate from our paid FTP hosting. You can use a domain name with the Bravesites builder but you can not use the Bravesites builder with paid FTP hosting if that makes sense.

When you buy a domain name you can re-direct to to your Bravesite website for free. If you buy a domain name plus upgrade your Bravesite to a paid level then you can use your domain name directly with your website.

Hope that helps clear things up,

Re: Brave Apps Photo album