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port 80

I'm using Front Page and every now and then I get this message:
could not find a web server at ' on port 80. Please check to make sure that the web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct, the web server may be temporarily out of service.

I have many web sites on bravenet that I use front page for and it happens to all of them. It's taking far longer just to update even minor things for my websites as I'm having to wait it out until it decides it's working. It's very intermittent.

Also more often than not my browser tells me it cant find my web site or that it's temporarily down. This only seems to be in the last nine months or so, I never had all these problems before.

Anyone know why suddenly front page wont work properly and my sites are unavailable in my browsers (chrome and IE)?

Re: port 80

Hi Anna,

Can you please open a support ticket so our support department can look into your account.

Sorry for the inconvenience,