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Forum page kidnaped by spam page

When I open my forum or try to reply to an opinion the following spam page kidnap the forum URL and takes his place. Has anybody else have this problem? This is the Spam URL:

Re: Forum page kidnaped by spam page

You have posted this as a hosting issue rather than an issue with a Bravenet app so are you talking about a Bravenet forum or about third party forum code that you have uploaded to your hosting account?

Re: Forum page kidnaped by spam page

Im owner and moderator of a Bravenet forum whose link I include below, the problem is that lately when I open my forum, reply or try to read an opinion, the other page appear kidnaping my forum URL, I have to click Back in order to see my forum, it's happening between 50% to 75% of the time. I've not uploaded anything to my forum, so this seems like a third party is using Bravenet URL for spaming purposes. Is there any way to stop it?