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No longer available

I have or had two sites for years. One was under the Pro package and I recently let it expire. I used FTP and I understand that now the site is not accessible unless I pay for it because it is FTP.
However, the silentnations site was a free site using Site Builder and I cannot access that either. It seems unless I pay for some site I cannot access either.
So do I have to have a paid site to have a free site or you do not offer free sites anymore?

Re: No longer available

The reason your Site Builder website is showing as expired is because it is attached to an account that has an expired Bravenet Pro subscription. As a result of this, your bravesites website is being treated as a Site Builder "Pro" website, rather than a freemium website.

If you no longer wish to subscribe to Bravenet Pro, but would like to continue using your bravesites website in a freemium manner, you will want to contact support and request that your account be downgraded to a free account. Free accounts are limited to 1 Site Builder website.

If you have any further questions regarding the matter. Please feel free to open a support ticket and we will be most happy to assist going forward.