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Privacy Policy Language/Template

I have a Bravesites website to promote my online radio station. My website has a radio player on the home page. It has a guest book page, and I have a page with affiliate advertising on it. I also have a map on the home page that is hosted by Revolver Maps. When I started signing up for affiliate advertising, I was told by the affiliates that I need a privacy policy and an advertising disclaimer. I found a privacy policy template online, and one of the affiliates gave me advertising disclaimer language. I have two questions. One, does Bravenet offer any privacy policy language or templates for our websites? Two, exactly what advertising/tracking cookies are placed on our websites by Bravenet, and is Bravenet collecting information on visitors to my site with those advertising/tracking cookies?

Re: Privacy Policy Language/Template

To ask a Bravenet a direct question you need to raise a support ticket.