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Moving Wordpress Site

I have a Wordpress site hosted on bravehost ( but now I'd like to change the domain to "" which is now transferred to bravehost too. I was told that I need to copy all data from bravehost to the .org site. How do I copy the data over? Do I just use FTP to download everything and then re-upload them to the other?


Re: Moving Wordpress Site

One way is simply to upload to the new location. Ideally you should keep the master copy yourself on your own machine rather than rely on Bravenet always being their to look after it for you. I did have a different web host once go off line without warning. Because the whole site was mirrored on my own PC I recovered it within minutes of obtaining an alternative web host.

It should also be possible to point a new domain at an existing site. I don't host any of my domains with Bravenet so I don't know the step by step procedure but a support ticket will get you the help that you need.