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Importing a websit to Sitebuilder

I have a large website with Yahoo's Sitebuilder. However, Yahoo has sold their website sservice and it has become very confusing. I would like to import the entire website to aanother service. Can you look at the website and tell me whether you think it would be ppossible? I have put hundreds of hours into it and do not want to start over.

Re: Importing a websit to Sitebuilder

Bravesites is explicitly designed to be used with sites created on-line with Bravenet's own software. You would have a long job copying all your original content.

If you want standard hosting that lets you upload an existing site then, here, you need to use the (paid) Bravehost service. This is the standard way of developing websites and over 99.99% of web hosts support it so shop around.

Re: Importing a websit to Sitebuilder

If you own one domain, then yes you can easily build your website on.