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How much storage of each email? how to increase email storage.

Re: email

Regarding the email service that comes with Bravenet hosting, the maximum storage limit for each email address you create is 2 GB. That's 2 gigabytes per address, not 2 GB for the whole service.

The maximum file size attachment for each email sent is 25 MB.

The maximum number of emails you can send per hour is 100. For more you would have to use the Mailing List service.

For Bravenet's email FAQ, see here:

The email system Bravenet uses is the open source RoundCube, customized for Bravenet use. Their site is at

Because it is an open source project, like the Firefox browser, it has many developers worldwide making sure there is no spyware, viruses, etc., built into it.

If this does not answer your question, open a support ticket.

Jim, 10-year-plus customer.