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directory to place the web files?


Here's a question from a totally non-tech-savvy Bravenet user. I'm trying to upload my site's files to Bravenet using my website creator software (Sandvox). It asks me the usual—server? ( protocol? (SFTP) port? (22) username/password? Then it asks me for a folder to upload to, saying "The directory to place the web files. For example: public_html, www, /home/yourname". I'm stumped. I know it probably has something to do with my SFTP setting, but I can't figure out what combination/order of SFTP acct and domain name or whatever else needs to go in this box.

Bet it's totally simple and logical; I'm just not getting it. Could anybody give me a hint? I'd be so grateful!



Re: directory to place the web files?

Click on manage website associated with your registered domain
Create a new SFTP account under web tools
Pretty much gives you the path after you enter your info