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Domain - Site Change

I understand that I cannot change the domain name on the site I have. So I plan to purchase the new domain name.

However, my original site was created using the Site Builder with my personal name as the domain. When I purchase the new domain name (which will be the name of the blog), will I be able to transfer the original site builder site (and all the blogs on it) from the old domain to the new domain? Or will I have to redesign and repost everything from the old domain to the new one?

Re: Domain - Site Change

No one seems to be responding, and I don't check here regularly, and in my hosted site on Bravenet I don't use the Site Builder templates, which are proprietary to Bravenet, so my input is limited.

You don't say if all of this is to be hosted on Bravenet. So let's say you have one hosted Bravenet account, which allows you to have many domain names listed in your File Manager. I currently have three.

You have your original domain name listed which is your personal name (I have that, too). You had a blog set up on that site using Site Builder.

Now you want to buy another domain name (through Bravenet or some other registrar) so that the blog can have its own domain name and dedicated site.

Before buying the new domain name to add to your Bravenet hosting, you want to first know if you can successfully transfer all the content to the new dedicated blog domain name in a few clicks through some easy Site Builder transfer process or if you might have to copy and paste every. single. post. maybe going back years.

Well, like I said, I don't use Site Builder. I write my pages using the text editor and don't use the templates.

I can tell you that in my case, yes, I would have to copy and paste my page codes and rebuild the site from scratch on the new domain name (maybe I'm stupid). I keep offline image and txt files with all my html page codes as a backup just in case. Not sure as I write this if Bravenet still has a site backup feature.

You might also see if a copy of your original site is in the Internet Archive. If not maybe you should consider archiving it.

I say maybe I'm stupid because I just did a search on Google for the following string and I see a lot of articles on the topic, but again keep in mind Bravenet-hosted Site Builder only work on Bravenet.

Search on Google: change the domain name of a site and keep its content

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

If no one more familiar with Site Builder responds, try opening a Support Ticket and refer them to this thread if you want. Good luck.

Re: Domain - Site Change

Sorry, I meant domain names are listed in the Dashboard section of an account, not the File Manager.

Re: Domain - Site Change

You can have multiple domains pointed to a sitebuilder website. However each domain can only be attached to one specific sitebuilder website.

What I mean is, lets say you have 3 domains and 2 sites.

Domain1, Domain2 are attached to SiteA with Domain1 being the primary domain.

Domain3 is attached to SiteB with Domain3 being the primary domain.

Domain2 cannot be added to SiteB if its still attached to SiteA.

If all you are doing is changing the domain that is attached to the sitebuilder website then you will not need to backup anything. Or transfer anything to a new domain. You will simply need to add the new domain to the current sitebuilder website and then make the new domain primary so that you can access the site via that url.

Hopefully this helps. If not let me know and I'll try to explain it better.

Steve L.