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Site Backup

I noticed a couple of 2013 posts about plans to create a backup utility for entire Bravesites. As a new site creator, this is of great interest to me. I noted that proprietary code for Bravenet templates appeared to be an obstacle to creation of a single file solution in 2013... but there seemed to be some forward motion. A 2014 post to the same thread, asking about whether or not any progress had been made, was unanswered... so I decided to start a new thread. The alternative, downloading each element of a site separately, cutting and pasting html into MS word documents for safekeeping, downloading bravesite files to a local computer.... all seem very cumbersome. Was an FTP solution ever developed?

Re: Site Backup

It is definitely something we are still working on as it would be a great tool to have available. But we are still working out the details.

Re: Site Backup

Thank you, Steve from Bravenet. Do you have a rough estimate of how long it will be before Bravenet is ready to launch the backup utility?

Re: Site Backup

Unfortunately we do not have an estimate at this time. But we are continually updating our services as well as the support for those services. I have put in a request to our dev's to see when such a service will be possible.

Re: Site Backup

Hi Steve - Any new information on a Bravenet site back-up feature to share?

Re: Site Backup

I see the home page to your site was saved in the Internet Archive for the first time in Jan 2016. You might also want to pro-actively save the other subfolder pages.

I don't use the template side of Bravenet. I write my own code to blank pages in the text editor. Every time I make an edit to the page, I copy and paste the code to a waiting simple text file on my desktop. No way would I use cumbersome Word documents or other complex word processors. Text files open and close fast. I make sure I reset the new text file to save as UTF-8 encoding to match web usage.

For example, my home page /index.html has a corresponding text file named index.html.txt and my /contact.html page has a text file named contact.html.txt.

The codes for pages that are in subfolders are saved the same way /foldername/filename.html I just save them in a folder with that subfolder name.

I have TWO encrypted flash drives with two backup copies of all the images and html.txt page codes, robots.txt, etc. I also have a third backup on my laptop. That's three backups. Plus I'm in the Internet Archive, which sometimes drops saved images, so it is not a 100% safe backup.

Templates make creating web pages easier, but the downside is that, as you pointed out, the code is proprietary, so the source code contains Bravesite's code plus your own proprietary text.

Until there is a Bravesite backup utility, besides the Internet Archive, you might want to try as a test, the .txt file method I described above. I test copied and pasted the source code of your home page into a text file with no problem, took me about 10 seconds, but I've had years of practice on the routine.

You can also just save the entire web pages to your computer or a flash drive. Save Page as > .htm file. Then open them up when you are offline to view; otherwise some elements will try to connect to the Internet.

Good luck with your backup plan.

Re: Site Backup

Jim in Florida - Thank you for the very helpful tips. I've saved it offline for reference. I would still like Bravenet to help those like me who are less savvy about website development and management with a backup utility... so I hope we hear from Steve at Bravenet. Meanwhile, thank you, again. I'll do what I can understand of what you described. - Best regards, Diane