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Suspended Website??

Our site is down, and we have no notification by email, why?

Re: Suspended Website??

Site is up now.

It is always a judgement call - do you get on with fixing the problem or do you delay the fix by spending the time telling people that you are going to fix it?

That is assuming that it was a Bravenet problem in the first place, there are a lot of points in the web where things can go wrong. You do need to give details.

Re: Suspended Website??

Whenever we suspend websites, an automated suspension notification is sent out automatically by the server, and we will follow up with a support ticket creation to notify you of further details and steps for resolution as soon as possible after investigation completes.

If you encounter similar issues in the future, you should create a support ticket at for more information from technical support on the issue. :)

Re: Suspended Website??

This just happened to me and after hours there has been no response from Bravenet, just a suspended message coming up when I go to my site. There was just one cryptic message from them that I answered, asking more more guidance and clarification on next steps, but nobody responded. Instead they just shut down the site with no warning, no call.

It's maddening that this company has no support phone number, yet takes hours to respond every time I send a support ticket. And not even a chat session option. Is this 1996 still?