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Can't add images?

We want to add an image of a poster to our website. We click upload image, select it from the folder we made, it takes us to crop it, then it takes us to the folder with all the images in it. We select the one we want, click 'choose image'...and it takes up back to cropping. Then back to the folder. Then back to cropping. There doesn't seem to be a way to ACTUALLY upload an image, and if there is we can't find it. What are we doing wrong??
It seems like every time we try to do anything to our website it either takes us an hour to figure out how to do it or else we have to open a support ticket. We don't have this problem on any other social media/web hosting site.

Re: Can't add images?

FTP hosting allows you to use any site creation tool on the market as well as Bravenet's own Website Wizard. Which one are you using?