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Access files

I had about 3 accounts with Bravenet. I think one of them didn't have files uploaded but at least one of the other 2 did. I wanted to get these files downloaded to my new computer, but when I go to FTP and try other options I can't seem to find a way to do this. I used the free service and I am wondering if Bravenet changed it so you have to upgrade to get access to your files.

If I am missing something, please tell me how to access my files I uploaded a few years ago. Thanks in advance.

Re: Access files

The free Bravehost service was withdrawn 2 years ago.

Re: Access files

Does that mean my files are gone? Can I pay to get them back? I have some important files I am trying to retrieve. I never got any notice Bravenet was doing this.

Had I known, I would have upgraded and paid the fees happily.

Re: Access files

Our Free Bravehost FTP Hosting service was discontinued on July 31st 2012, and service ended on August 31st 2012. Email notifications were sent, and notices placed over the main pages of all free websites. The websites could still be restored for a limited time, however we certainly no longer have any of that data from 3 years ago, unfortunately. Any data that was not recovered soon after the discontinuity, has long since been purged.

The FTP Hosting service is only available in our Bravenet Pro package, but we will continue to provide free websites through our BraveSites Site Builder, of course.

Sorry about any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Re: Access files

You may have sent them to some addresses, but mine never received one. I have also Angelfire accounts and this is something I specifically set my email address up for. I don't use the spam folder because I check every file as it comes to the inbox (since 2000, for 15 years). So, if it was in the spam folder, it would have shown up as 1 or 2 and I would have seen it clearly.

Even if you give notice, you should give us time to get the files back. No one sent messages to upgrade either as a way to keep them. I am surprised you don't keep a backup for members who want to upgrade.

If I can't get my files, why upgrade? Bravenet was a very good service at one time, but if that is how it is run now I'll store my future files elsewhere.

Re: Access files

some email providers operate a two tier spam check.

The first check is as soon as the emails come in without regard to the recipients and this appears to have happened with the Bravenet notification.

Only the second check looks at the recipient's safe list and decides if stuff can go in the inbox or junk folder.

I have never had Angelfire customers on any of my mailing lists so I can't say how they operate.

Re: Access files

"No one sent messages to upgrade either as a way to keep them. I am surprised you don't keep a backup for members who want to upgrade."

This is strictly incorrect, as stated in my last reply. All users were notified, and we maintained cost-free backups of all of that expired content for years. At this point, it is simply too late, the window of opportunity was missed, as those notifications were sent over 3 years ago and the system fully deprecated over 1 year ago.

I do assure you we offered the fullest possible opportunity for customers to both backup their content free of charge, and upgrade to a package that would remain live, both before and for over a year after the deprecation of the system itself.

I do apologize deeply for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for your patience and understanding!

Re: Access files

Why would you keep my photos in my photo album but then block my access to my FTP files for website creation?

Because free web tools are still available.

Have you tried the Wayback Machine?

Re: Access files

"and the system fully deprecated over 1 year ago."

Then it wasn't 3 years ago. If you gave notice 3 years ago, why not give another notice 1 month before it becomes inaccessible to make sure members received it?

During those 2 years, I thought since I could access the file that it would be there. If my hard drive went down, I thought I had a backup here.

Is it not possible that it went to a spam folder and then after 3 months that spam folder was cleared so members would not get this update?

You should at least send an email asking for confirmation that we received notice of important actions like this.

If you can recover the files please let me know. I am still in need of them.

Re: Access files

Unfortunately we no longer have any of that data from 3 years ago. Any data that was not recovered within the grace period before discontinuity, has long since been purged.