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DNS IP external domains


sorry if it's a obvious question, but it's strange that this is not quickly answered on the add external domains page itself.

It's said that we need to change the dns for something like ... but my domain registrar ask for the ip too.

Why they don't give also the ip adress?

How can I find it? Should I make a ping in order to find the ip for ns10, ?


Re: DNS IP external domains

When I have used external domains with other companies I have never been asked for an IP address. Raise a support ticket.

Re: DNS IP external domains

Thanks Peter, already did it.

Re: DNS IP external domains

There is no need to have IP addresses. Nameserver Records can only point to the nameserver hostname itself, and any IP addresses are only relevant as A Records, which are managed by the server specified in the NS Records.

You should clarify with your registry exactly what it is you are wanting, or modify the NS Records yourself in your account on their end.

Re: DNS IP external domains

Well, you may be right. The reality of it is that I had to fill a form like this:




so, as they say, there's always a first time :) I do think there's no harm in telling the url and the ip adress on that message that appears when someone try to setup an external domain. I also think would be easy for newbies if a little explanation about the process was shown before we enter the domain, and a tutorial would be great advice.

thanks for you answers.

Re: DNS IP external domains

Domains do not have an IP address of their own. The domain has subsequent records, A Records, which can contain an IP address so that the site directs traffic to the specified server. However, the A Records are all managed by the servers specified by the NS Records.

In effect, the NS Records specify who is managing the domain name itself.

The A Records, and all other records, are managed by that subsequent entity, separately (in some cases) from the NS Records themselves at the original registration provider.

The nameservers themselves do point to an IP, of course, but the action of pulling that IP is performed automatically by any software that reads the nameserver, which is the entire purpose of having a nameserver that can point dynamically at the IP address, instead of having to manually use the IP addresses themselves, as the IP's can over time change, etc.

At the end of the day, the only information applicable is the Nameservers themselves, insofar as setting up a domain name with an external provider goes. Any other records/IP's are handled separately from the NS Records.