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how to delete bravenet account

I've been trying to delete my acct for a long time and failing to get response from or delete.

If I click on "ACCOUNT MANAGER" in page 1) Deleting a Bravenet Account, This takes me to page 2) Using the Dashboard/Edit Profile.
clicking on "DELETE YOUR BRAVENET ACCOUNT", takes me back to page1).

Clicking on the .PNG gets File:Editprofile.png. Clicking on "Deleting a Bravenet Account" takes me right back to..You know - page 1) Deleting a Bravenet Account.
page 1) Deleting a Bravenet Account
To delete your account, access the Editprofile.png Edit Your Profile area within the "ACCOUNT MANAGER" and click on the "Delete Account" tab at the top of the page. A second delete button will need to be clicked in that section to confirm the account deletion.
page 2) Using the Dashboard
(Redirected from Account manager - Account tab)

Edit Profile - Change your account information, such as your name, address, and other contact information. You can also "DELETE YOUR BRAVENET ACCOUNT" here, or change your username and/or password. Note that this will not change the information associated with your domains.
Billing Transactions - View your transaction history here. You can access invoices for past charges here, and manage recurring transactions. In addition, you can change or add credit cards associated with the account.
Newsletter Subscriptions - You can access our Members Update newsletter from here. Upcoming events and special offers are listed here.
Logout - Allows you to log out of your account.
Switch Account - Allows you to easily log out and then login to a different Bravenet account.

Re: how to delete bravenet account

Just forget about it, Bravenet will shut down a dead account in due course anyway.

Re: how to delete bravenet account

You can open a support ticket, from your logged-in Bravenet user account, and we can delete it manually: