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Audio file restrictions?

Being a PRO member, I was under the impression that I had unlimited storage. Why then do you limit audio files to 20mb a piece? My audio files are closer to 40mb.

Re: Audio file restrictions?

Individual files of all type have a maximum size of 20mb. We are a web hosting provider using a database CMS system, it is not conducive to streaming or hosting massive independent downloads; we are NOT a dedicated file hosting provider, and our system is not designed or capable of facilitating dedicated streaming or file sharing services.

Smaller files are much more manageable, because they load faster, they're far less noticeable, and require far less dedicated system resources to maintain. Subsequently, 20mb is the maximum file size for individual files, to ensure that individual files are not so large as to cause a detriment to the service and server for other customers.

Re: Audio file restrictions?

Do note, the 20mb hardcoded file restriction I am referring to only applies to files uploaded to the Site Builder, which is a proprietary database-built CMS. FTP hosted Web Hosting sites do not have that "hardcoded" restriction .