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SPAM and Junk Filter sets

Our domain owner would like to control all of the SPAM and junk email that is received daily but we want to eliminate it at the server before the client software sees it. I'm assuming the webmail filters will do this - can anyone confirm?

If that is the case, does anyone have a standard Filter Set I can add to our accounts so that most of this stuff is captured? It looks like these filters can be downloaded and uploaded elsewhere. Also, is there a way to propagate a common set of filters for all the accounts of one domain?

Re: SPAM and Junk Filter sets

I haven't used Bravenet email but I use webmail settings with other suppliers as a first line filter. The problem is the risk of false positives so I only filter the most blatant stuff at that level. Annoying though spam is getting a few come through is better than blocking an important order or invoice and getting bad mouthed on internet forums for your supposed incompitence.

Re: SPAM and Junk Filter sets

You can play with filtering for the X-Spam-Score on received emails. Our mailservers have an anti-spam filter that's set to judge emails with a value of 5.31 or higher as spam, so you can setup a filter that checks for lower values and it'll filter out more of the email as junk.

(The lower to 0.0 a score is, the less likely it is to be spam. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood it's spam.)

Here's an example of some of the headers from an email that has passed through the Bravenet mailservers, with the X-Spam associated header data:

X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Score: 20.598
X-Spam-Level: ********************
X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=20.598 tag=2 tag2=5.31 kill=5.31

So you could setup a filter that checks for the X-Spam-Score field and evaluates for the integer value.

Re: SPAM and Junk Filter sets

Thanks Ross - I'll give it a try.

So, the email our club receives (service provided by Bravenet) already strips out SPAM that has a score higher than 5.31. Does this mean there is a chunk of email we already don't see? Given how much actually comes through, has Bravenet considered lowering that filter?

Re: SPAM and Junk Filter sets

Hi Ross,

I logged into our most SPAM abused account and after viewing a sample set of SPAM, none of them had those X-Spam fields you mentioned. I looked at the emails via webmail and selected to view source. The only X fields listed were for Anti-Virus. Is my account not being checked by your SPAM filters?