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Poor WOT rating for has a great WOT rating. However, Bravesites has a horrible rating:

I'm being told that Bravesites is responsible for bringing the rating of my own Bravenet website down, citing things like phishing and spam.

What exactly is the nature of the WOT rating issue here?

Re: Poor WOT rating for

Having decided that your query had nothing to do with wargames statistics scrolled down the Google results to find "Web of Trust" at number 7.

Judging by the quality of the comments posted on the site it sounds rather less reliable than Tripadvisor.

Bravenet has its faults but they aren't the ones claimed.

Re: Poor WOT rating for

Thanks for the reply.

I know a number of people use Web Of Trust (WOT), but that's the sense I got too. Just wanted to see what the general consensus of this might be here.

What exactly is the relationship between and anyway?

Re: Poor WOT rating for

So, apparently the bad rating for is bringing the rating for my own website down.

"Your website's reputation score is affected by the actions of who don't seem too particular about what kind of scammers they allow to use their services. Here is the Facebook page for one that I found:


Earn $300 a month for data entry work. Sounds good doesn't it? It's a load of lies of course because the 'work' consists of inputting captcha codes to bypass anti-spam measures and it pays a pittance."

"The bad rating for is due to some subdomains hosted by the site have been used for phishing scams, as commented by the WOT members."

Any thoughts on this?

Re: Poor WOT rating for

You sound just like a Red Cap

Re: Poor WOT rating for

If WOT doesn't understand the difference between an ordinary website and a hosting service, the service isn't useful.
Bravenet is not longer free, but Bravesites is. Free sites will attract scammers who open new sites as fast the old ones are closed down after complaints. This is most likely the cause of bad results. If you are worried, try getting a domain.

Re: Poor WOT rating for

Free users can sign up for free websites as subdomains of Bravesites. As with any free service it is abused by phishers, and we have dedicate resources for handling abuse and treat all abuse complaints with immediate urgency.

Re: Poor WOT rating for

Great! Your staff really responds fast.

I am not sure it is fair what WOT does. How can you judge a website host by the websites that are using it? If that were the case then who would get a high rating?

Web site hosts should be judged by price, service, and what applications are addaptable with it. This should also include how often it is down.

Re: Poor WOT rating for

Ranking sites like WOT only work for people who agree to download their browser tool and don't mind their website destinations being tracked, much like the Alexa website rankings.

In many, if not most or all, instances the young IT entrepreneurs who create these ranking sites are hoping a big outfit like Google will eventually buy them out and they will walk away millionaires. I don't use them personally, as it's another layer in your browser to slow it down.

The preceding is my opinion.