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search engine finds wrong site


I just added a new site to Bravenet using wordpress. WordPress is loaded on Bravenet.

I have an old site on Bavenet that needed to be freshened up but I want to use the same domain name for the new site .
If I type in domain names directly INTO MY BROWSER I can access the new site, but when I use a search engine (Google for example), it finds and directs me to the old site.

I sense it is an index.html thing, but am unsure how to fix it.

Re: search engine finds wrong site

There seems to be a typo in your link, I get a "not found" message when I click on it.

Without knowing the timescale involved it is impossible to say if this is a problem or Google just taking a little time to catch up. Look at the date that it was last cached by Google. G will reindex sites based on how frequently they are updated. I have several sites, one which is updated a couple of times a month was indexed two days ago, one which is updated a couple of times a year was indexed 12 days ago,

Re: search engine finds wrong site

No such site. But there is a I think the problem has cleared already. Searching for Charles Woodhawks, the first Google hit is a site that says: "Welcome to our new site". The second is for and says "We are getting a new site" or something like that.

Re: search engine finds wrong site

It can take Google a while to search, index, and properly rank content, and it's based on activity and traffic.

Re: search engine finds wrong site

Thanks for looking at this,,,it seems like it was a timing thing,,,,,never knew it would be that way,,,,,,it's good to see the forum folks there to assist! Thank you!