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Are Bravenet's servers in Canada or USA?

I am a US-based customer and have always operated under the assumption that my website is "hosted in Canada" because that's where Bravenet's company mailing address is and the Terms apply Canadian law.

But does anyone know if that's where the servers are actually physically located? Where does a website download from? Canada?

Since the mailing address is relatively near the border, and payment is required in US dollars, I was wondering if maybe they use a data center in the U.S.

For example, Google and other giants may be based in California, but they have servers all over the world, so that got me wondering. Thanks.

Re: Are Bravenet's servers in Canada or USA?

I don't know for certain but an IP lookup of my test Bravesites site resolves to a number in a Canadian range.

Re: Are Bravenet's servers in Canada or USA?


All of our FTP and Site Builder based hosting are served from a data center in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Every customer website hosted through Bravenet will subsequently originate from that location.