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website down HELP what is wrong

omg out website today is down don't know why or how, it's been working fine since we started using bravenet and then pro version and got a domain. suddenly the website can't be connected to like what the heck should i do. i sent a support ticket and that probably wont help much. i need help now from someone that works in bravenet company. i would go to their offices or call them but they are in Vancouver island in canada and we are in london so no way of directly contacting them or meeting them. heeeeeeelp

Re: website down HELP what is wrong

If you have raised a ticket they will respond

Re: website down HELP what is wrong

The domain name in question has been suspended by the domain registry, because you failed to complete the RAA Verification step of the domain registration process. The RAA Verification is a step which requires new domain contact emails to verify their existence with the registry within 15 days of being used for a domain registration, or else the registry will not be able to verify a method of contact for that domain and must suspend it until such a time as a method of administrative contact is confirmed.

This is a requirement by ICANN, the international body which administrates all domain names and their registrations, and the registry's which manage all domain names.

To complete the verification, be sure to check the email account you have listed as the domain's administrative contact, to find the email that the registry sent you. It may be in your junk, spam, or bulk mail folders. Click the verification link within that email message to complete the RAA Verification.

If you have not received the email, please be sure to open a support ticket with us so we can have the registry send you another RAA Verification email, or help you change the administrative contact email to a new address.