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transferring from bravesites to another domain?

I already have an existing domain - is it possible to transfer a website built within bravesites to that domain including the csm?

Re: transferring from bravesites to another domain?

I answered this but Bravenet thought that it was spam!

Re: transferring from bravesites to another domain?

Very interesting that this false positive spam detection problem is occuring at the same time as a new File Manager design is launched. I never had it happen in my nine years. I posted in Florida from a WiFi spot in a national bookstore chain. So blocking my IP could affect a lot of others. If you are reading this post, however, it means that it has been unblocked.

Maybe other things behind the scenes have also changed and they are not working properly initially (please do not construe that as a negative comment).

Re: transferring from bravesites to another domain?

It seems that the issue about spam has been unblocked, so you are very welcome to answer my initial question, please

Re: transferring from bravesites to another domain?

My site isn't hosted on Bravenet via Bravesites, so I can't answer with experience on how Bravesites works, but if you have a free website that you built on Bravesites, and you have a domain name registered with Bravenet, you should be able to do an upgrade and convert your site to work with your domain name.

If your domain name is registered elsewhere, you should still be able to use your Bravesites content with that name as long as you are hosting it on Bravenet's servers.

You will have to change the domain name servers (DNS) to indicate that the name goes to Bravenet's if it is registered elsewhere.

For example, my site was originally many years ago a free site hosted on [myusername] My domain name is registered at Godaddy. When I paid for hosting at Bravenet. I went into my account at Godaddy and set the domain name server info to Bravenet's and my Godaddy hosted domain name then showed my Bravehost website becase it was still on Bravenet's servers.

See if any of these help guides are applicable:

You can also open a support ticket and ask Bravenet support directly. If you are ready to become a paying customer, I'm sure they will be encouraged to respond.