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Goodbye, fellow forum helpers

Bravenet appears to have blocked my IP address in the forums because I gave some constructive criticism here about the new File Manager design. Cleared my cookies, still blocked, so it must be my IP address.

If I try to make a follow-up comment or start a new topic I get a notice saying spam was detected and my comments would not be posted.

I had to switch to a different IP address just to post this.

Or did they institute a one comment per day policy? Don't recall it happening in the past. Calling your customers spammers just for trying to post a follow up comment is insulting.

Wow, way to treat a 9-year customer. I won't be helping anyone here in the future. You are on your own now. Good bye fellow forum helpers. Remember, post only positive feedback.

Re: Goodbye, fellow forum helpers

I have had a few posts rejected as spam as well but no trouble over my IP address. Your post about File Manager is still there so I doubt if censorship is at work.

Could be that Bravenet were blocking a range used by a real spammer and yours was in the middle. I had that problem with another forum which would come and go every time a blip in my rather shaky rural power supply caused the router to reboot. Do you have a fixed IP or is it reassigned if the router has been switched off?

I have never been able to work out what the triggers are but it is more common on longer replies. Trouble is that when somebody has a complex query it becomes difficult to give it the reply that it deserves.

Now this post is at a dangerous length - lets see what happens

Re: Goodbye, fellow forum helpers

Thanks for the info Peter.
My IP address changes everytime my Router re boots and I wondered why

Re: Goodbye, fellow forum helpers

My IP address changes everytime my Router re boots and I wondered why

UK and US are different, I belive that most Americans have an IP that relates to their location at town if not street level. In the UK addresses are allocated from a pool every time you make a fresh connection. Back in dial up days ISPs worked on the assumption that they wouldn't get everybody logging in at once.