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Whoa. Feedback on new File Manager design

Some comments on the new File Manager design.

We can no longer upload multiple image files at once? It has to be done one at a time now, which makes it very difficult to keep track of which ones have already been uploaded if you are doing many. Before, you could just click them into the upload boxes and then sit back as they uploaded in succession. Now it's a pain.

The font size for folders and files looks smaller to me and maybe a different font. The smaller size gives me eye strain. I don't want to have to manually increase the font size via my browser, but now I have to.

What's with the stark black folder icons? What was wrong with the manilla tan color, like in real life?

Still no way to leave the page in the text editor if the file name is long, so that hasn't been fixed.

Expect coal in your stocking this Christmas.