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Counter not showing up

I see that there was a new update with Bravehost as the fonts look different while working on the Website Wizard.

One change that I have noticed is the hit counter I have on the home page shows up when I do the Preview of the site, but after Publishing the site, it no longer shows up on the bottom left.

Are my hits still being counted?

Why aren't they being displayed?

I have not changed the code in the page from yesterday, when it worked fine.

Please assist.

Re: Counter not showing up

I have just looked at your site so check the counter and see if my visit is recorded.

If not then raise a ticket. I believe that Bravenet want to retire the Wizard and it isn't being kept in line with the latest changes to browsers and operating systems.

Re: Counter not showing up

Unless you've changed something since posting, I believe the problem is that the counter doesn't show up in your browser.
There is a counter at the bottom left. It went from 79756 to 79757 when I reloaded the page.

Re: Counter not showing up

I did a support ticket and they fixed it for me. Thanks!

Re: Counter not showing up

Counter does not show up with either IE or Chrome
I have re-cut and pasted the code and uploaded the new page.
Refreshed my cache. No luck. Suggestions?

Re: Counter not showing up

It is showing up perfectly fine as far as I can tell. It's right below the "There's several interesting discussions on Yahoo" block.

Re: Counter not showing up

I see it too. Have you disabled javascript in your browser?

Re: Counter not showing up

Thank you Ross and Peter,
Good lead. As far as I can tell, Jave is installed, up-to-date, and enabled in both browsers.
Maybe it is suppressed at some higher level. I will keep looking.
BTE, it shows okay on my wife's laptop using Seamonkey.

Re: Counter not showing up

javaSCRIPT not java. Despite the similar names these are as different as Paris Texas and Paris France.

Dispabline javascript is a security option in your browser

Re: Counter not showing up

Got it, JavaScript. It is enabled in Chrome. I am not sure in IE.